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How it works

SoundRig is THE place to experience exclusive music by artists you know and love, and those you are yet to discover! Built on Web3 technology, our groundbreaking multi-media product called TUN3Z™ (pronounced "TUNES") brings the private world of the talented music creators directly to you - the GREATEST FANS IN THE WORLD! What they share is for your eyes only.

1. Get involved.

Browse for artists by most popular genres, search by name or country of origin. The talent here is a truly international fair. Discover more!

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Check out their socials and other channels, see what they're made of. Now you're getting goosebumps. Dive deeper!

3. Show some love.

When you find the flavour that connects with you, get their TUN3Z! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and now you have something cool to see.

4. Experience & Connect

Now you have TUN3Z, you can sit back and enjoy awesome, rare music and content created exclusively for you on SoundRig's revolutionary "TUN3Z Player".

Our team

Multi-disciplined talent sharing a vision to create the best place for music creators and fans.

Sunny Basra
Sunny Basra
Co-Founder & CEO
  • Partnerships Manager at LE4F.Agency
  • Artist & Client Relations Manager at
  • Tech and Marketing Copywriter.
  • BA (Hons) Hotel Management prior to extensive experience in Client Relations to Royalty, VIPs and C-Suite Executives.
Quintin Bray-Stone
Quintin Bray-Stone
  • Project lead on “Cardano for Ukraine”: A charity concert which raised 1200$ to feed 37 families for a week.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2017)
  • 8 years of training as a classically trained violinist

Timothy Vang
Timothy Vang
Head of Entertainment
  • Events Coordinator for Cardano Community Afterparty Consensus Austin 2022.
  • Currently on active duty in the USAF.
  • Extensive project management experience, coordinating bilateral events between the Japanese and U.S. Embassies.
  • Experienced community outreach coordinator for over 73 community events and festivals; building relationships with the DoD, the U.S. Ambassador, and local Japanese American cities.
Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen
Lead Full Stack + Blockchain Dev
  • Based in Vietnam. Currently Founder of & Lead Backend Engineer at The University Admissions Centre, Australia (working on Verifiable Credential projects).
  • Previously Founder of M1Studio (, designed and built more than 30 websites. 7 years experience as a Full stack Developer working with a variety of technologies and solutions.
Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham
Back End Developer
  • Based in Vietnam. Currently a Full Stack developer of, and a Software Engineer at The University Admissions Centre, Australia.
  • Previously a Full Stack web developer at M1Studio. Over 4 years of experience, working on both AWS and Google Cloud services. Also familiar with security solutions and block-chain relative concepts.
Paul Figueroa
Paul Figueroa
Web Developer / NFT Maestro
  • Web Developer at LE4F Agency
  • Independently studied Backend/Full Stack Web Development (PHP/Laravel/Vue.js)
  • Former internationally touring drummer
  • Former Backline Technician/Stage Manager for Todd Rundgren (Grammy nominated and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inducted Artist)
  • Studied Communications at William Paterson University
Rodney Prescott
Rodney Prescott
Advisor and Project Mentor
  • Senior Relationship Manager at Cardano Foundation
  • Strategy Consultant at Input Output (IOHK)
  • CTO at Globalblock
  • Advisor at MannBenham Advocates Limited
  • Graduate of the Swiss School of Business and Management

Deryck Lance
Deryck Lance
Blockchain Security Advisor
  • Founder & CEO of Quasar Risk Advisors, gigGUARD

Funding Programme

In order to deliver the best platform to support the music careers of undiscovered, up-coming and independent artists we require the best technical talent and expertise. That requires community and money.
Please support us on our quest to create the most exciting entertainment destination for music creators and fans by visiting our funding page.

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Upcoming Features

The SoundRig is a grass-roots movement to champion musical talent of all genres. We have amazing ideas and plans for the platform, all to be implemented in a timely fashion. If you know tech, you know it needs to be done right. Until then, enjoy our TUN3Z™ and look forward to greater experiences.

  • Coming Soon - Cross-chain Support

    The TUN3Z Player™ will be going multi-chain! Yes, all those media NFTs you've been hoarding and tirelessly downloading to enjoy the content will be playable directly on SoundRig™! That means no more juggling multiple wallets, from multiple chains! Our "plug and play" feature will set you up with all you need to enjoy your TUN3Z™ and other NFTs.

  • Coming Soon - Native App

    This update will be HUGE! The launch of the SoundRig™ Mobile App will take your TUN3Z™ where you go.
    Upcoming Features:
    Searching, buying and selling TUN3Z™ on SoundRig Store
    Rating musical talent and and sharing on social media
    Enjoying all the exclusive content on your smartphone via the TUN3Z™ Mobile Player
    Cross-chain compatibility for all multi-media NFTs

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